Hi! My name is Tara Curnin and I've been a licensed massage therapist for 17 years. I love helping people feel great and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Massage is a beneficial part of our health care. For optimal health it is best to receive massage treatment at least once per month as well as healthy eating and exercise. If you have any questions please feel free to call or email. I hope to see you soon! :)


Worcester County

Worcester County Massage is a luxury massage therapy studio, located within The Candell Center of Transformation, that offers the most relaxing treatments in all of Worcester County.

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Massage Therapy


   "I have been a customer of Tara Curnin's massage therapy for more than 8 years. She is the consummate professional and is wonderfully and professionally trained in a variety of massage techniques. It also is nice that she has a great personality. Tara has helped me recover from multiple surgical procedures. Including : hip replacements, back and neck fusions, and shoulder surgeries. I never realized how much massage therapy could significantly improve recovery time, and reduce post surgical pain!" 
Tony, Millbury, MA

"Tara gave me a massage and it was one of the most relaxing and beneficial massages I've ever received. I felt very comfortable and was able to zone out or talk to Tara during our time. I highly recommend the time spent with Tara.....she is a true professional! "
Connie, Paxton, MA

 "Best massage I've ever had. I left feeling refreshed, energized and relaxed at the same time. Tara is very professional and friendly. A great experience"
Joan, Worcester, MA
"I have been fortunate enough to be a regular patron of massage services with Tara for years. Her professionalism only accents the premier service she provides in a relaxing atmosphere. Her technique and uncanny ability to find my exact stress and pain points keeps me coming back. Her massages give me both relaxation and, more importantly, relief from my chronic back pain which plagues me everyday. Without Tara I would certainly not be as healthy or happy in my day to day life.

My overall well being is enhanced by her fantastic massages and I hope that she will continue to be help me for years to come. I’m uncertain what I would ever do without her. Thank you, Tara."

Alex, Worcester, MA



"I am a client of Tara's training for the marathon. She has been extremely accommodating in focusing on the areas of my body that need the most work including my calves, quads, and feet. I have noticed a significant improvement in my mobility in the workouts following a session with Tara. As an athlete, I find it very important to obtain a good massage therapist, see them regularly, and stick with them. I would definitely recommend Tara to any athlete looking for personalized and worthwhile service."
Katelyn, Newton, MA